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RFID Vehicle Tracking

Monitoring the inbound and outbound  truck is time consuming task for many fleet providers.  Identify provides new way to monitor this truck. With RFID technology, this monitoring becomes automate and paperless.  Additionally, we have combined RFID with cloud technology.  This will reduce investment and faciliate multiple monitoring. 

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Identify’s solution aims to facilitate the operation on weight bridge which is operated 24 hours.  With our solution, the weighting process at the weight station can be operated automatically with minimum human involvement.

For the delivery of large material such as coal, lignite or etc., it involves several processes starting from parking, making registration , to input the data in computer manual by operator.  These process is not only waste the time, but also result in high error rate.   Besides, there is a potential for man-made fraud, and causing heavy economic losses to the enterprise.

Trailer is widely used in transportation. For the loaded one can generate revenue, while idle or empty trailers does not. To fully maximize the utilization of each trailer, an efficient tracking technology is required. GPS can be a good answer when there is power supply. However, in real life trailer does not always connect with power supply. This can directly impact the tracking ability. Realising on the limitation of the existing technology, Identify has made used of RFID technology to increase the efficiency of trailer tracking. With our solution, the tracking process can be done automatically.

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