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Monitoring the inbound and outbound  truck is time consuming task for many fleet providers.  Identify provides new way to monitor this truck. With RFID technology, this monitoring becomes automate and paperless.  Additionally, we have combined RFID with cloud technology.  This will reduce investment and faciliate multiple monitoring. 

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RFID Trailer Tracking

Returnable asset visibility (RAV) is particularly developed to enhance the management on returnable asset including pallet, or plastic container where the exisitng electronic data capture technologies fail to effectively manage the movement of this asset.  As a result of this failure, there is high loss of this asset.

Each pallet has its own RFID tag and long range RFID readers are installed at key stations such as the entrance of plant, or storage area.  When the pallet is approached to the readers, their unique ID from the RFID tag will be automatically recorded into the system.  This can reduce the task in manually record the arrival and departure of each pallet.   Simultaneously, this can enhance the visibility of the pallet pool because of their unique ID and the effective data capture method. 

This solution has been developed on cloud technology so IT investment can be drastically reduced.  Companies who are interested to implement them just pay on what they use.   With the benefits of cloud technology, the companies can view their fleet or asset in a real time manner on the web site.     

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RFID - Lean Production

With the extensive experience in RFID technology, Identify has successfully developed and implemented Cycling Race Timing Solution.  Identify’s solution can increase the efficiency and accuracy for the cycling competition.  With the RFID tag on individual cyclist, manual checking for individual player passing the finish line is eliminated.  His unique ID number, his cycling round and time stamp are recorded automatically into the system when he approaches to the finish line at the reading distance.  It not only reduces data entry error but also increases the visibility in the judgment.

RFID _ Sea Food Processing

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