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Finding the right products in warehouse with the minimum time is an ideal situation for all companies.  However, this situation cannot easily achieve in the real operation because most of the existing WMS programs do not merge the information aspect with the physical aspect.    

Therefore, Identify has employed RFID technology to merge these aspects together.  As a result, it can increase the visibility in the warehouse.

The RFID readers are installed at key strategic locations where automatic identification is aimed such as entrance/exit of warehouse, or repack area.

When products are moved into the warehouse area, Identify program via RFID reader will automatically detect the arrival of these products.  Simultaneously, the status of these products in center data base will be also updated, while the traditional bar code technology needs to have human intervention for the status update task.

More than half of product in warehouse cannot be located because product location in the system (data base) does not match with the physical location in the warehouse.  Identify program is developed to fix this problem.  After product arrival, there is a function for automatic location confirmation. With this feature, we can ensure that the latest location of product in the data base and physical warehouse are the same position. 

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