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UHF magnetic recycle tag is particularly designed for recycling tag on metal surface product.  It can easily attach on the metal surface with magnetic.

It can provide exceptional reading distance on metal surface upto 6M.  Besides, it can withstand 1.5 M drop on polish concrete.  This makes it be suitable for outdoor environment.

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UHF HH RFID reader is the industry leading read range and read rate performance.  It provides exceptional reading distance ie 6 M in open space and 10 M in indoor confined area.  In addition, it gains the highest read rate ie 150 tags per second.  With its ruggedized design (IP65) makes it be suitable to work in robust environment such as warehouse or production.


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Demo Impinj reader with semi-passive tag read range over 10 m.

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Intelleflex muiti-protocol RFID reader provides extended reading capability.  This reader supports both UHF passive (EPC C1G2) and battery-assisted passive RFID tags (GEN3).   It provides several connections including TCP/IP, GPIO and RS232 connections.  Besides, this reader is equibed  with  the built-in web server which provides the reader status reporting, and remote reader configuration.  It also provides we-based tag inventorying, tag memory reading/writing and tag commissioning.

The Impinj Speedway® xPortal, an integrated portal reader, incorporates the industry-leading Speedway Revolution RFID reader and Impinj's Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) antenna technology, yielding the industry's smallest, most flexible, and cost-effective RFID portal solution.

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RFID Reader

Application environments are dynamic. Everything from RF interference, tag quantity, and ambient RF noise to building materials near an RFID installation affect system performance.

Most users configure their RFID readers for worst case scenarios, often compromising best performance in the process.With its innovative Autopilot features, Impinj's Speedway® Revolution RFID reader delivers peak performance—all day, every day.

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One of the key components in managing any trade conferences, trade-show, or sporting events,  is processing and managing secure entry of potentially thousands of people.  How to handle admission to events can be an enormous job.  Identify has utilized RFID technology to enhance conference operation.  Our solution will facilitate the registration process and ensure that attendees have entered the right session.  In addition, exhibitors will be able to know the detail of each visitor without asking for business name card and  they can use this information for further analysis.  With RFID technology, it moves the task on event access management to the next level.  It gives the organizer the ability to uniquely identify each attendee or paying customer. An RFID pass can be read from a distance without line of sight.  RFID passes can not be forged or duplicated.

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Trailer is widely used in transportation. For the loaded one can generate revenue, while idle or empty trailers does not. To fully maximize the utilization of each trailer, an efficient tracking technology is required. GPS can be a good answer when there is power supply. However, in real life trailer does not always connect with power supply. This can directly impact the tracking ability. Realising on the limitation of the existing technology, Identify has made used of RFID technology to increase the efficiency of trailer tracking. With our solution, the tracking process can be done automatically.

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Finding the right products in warehouse with the minimum time is an ideal situation for all companies.  However, this situation cannot easily achieve in the real operation because most of the existing WMS programs do not merge the information aspect with the physical aspect.    

Therefore, Identify has employed RFID technology to merge these aspects together.  As a result, it can increase the visibility in the warehouse.

The RFID readers are installed at key strategic locations where automatic identification is aimed such as entrance/exit of warehouse, or repack area.

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This integrated reader is extremely versatile and can be used for both outdoor and indoor environment.  It can provide reliable reading rate and long reading distance.

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