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This label is designed for returnable transport items (RTI) such as returnable plastic containers (RPC), pallets, roll cages, tote boxes, dollies, crates, trays or etc.  It is an ideal choice for any plastic returnable assets such as PP, PE, HD-PE, PS, ABS, PMMA, PVC, PET and HIPS.

This tag is permanently attached to any kinds of plastic surface.  Because of its special adhesive, this label can withstand not only water washing but also common chemicals and detergents applying in industrial washing process.


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This tag is designed for mounted on wooden or plastic pallets.  It enable fast and accurate data record and write capabilitiers when mounted to these assets.


The unique thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) housigns tolerate repeated or bending or torsion.   Its flexible housing conforms to surface contours, and can be securely attached with industrial adhesive or screwed.  The tag are waterproof, provide high resistance ot aggressive liquids and deliver reliable performance and reading stability across fluctuating tempratures.

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Folding tags are designed as an alternative option for metal mount tracking.  The tag consists of three sections.  The middle section is housing the RFID inlay which is protected by one end of tag while the other end is attached to the asset.  The tag is designed for outdoor usage and can withstand repeated usage in rugged environment.

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This high performance RFID tag is designed for the use in robust environment.  This tag is highly resistance to aggressive liquids and high temperature.  It can work on metal surface which is recognized as RFID unfriendly material. 

This tag is well suited for all applications in asset tracking and process automation.  It can work in the high temperature up to 140C.  Its well designed construction gives it unlimited resistance to water and chemical absorption such as salt water, acetone, mineral oil, benzene and ammonia.

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