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There are various sizes of HF RFID labels to fit with individual application.  In addition, various type of chip includes ISO15693 (I-Code SLI) and ISO 14443 A/B (Mifare, Infineon, My-D) or etc.  We can offer the label in plain (white paper) format, or any personalized printing.

We can offer various size of label including 35 x 10 mm, 36 x 18 mm, 65 x 25 mm, 50 x 52 mm and 86 x 54 mm.  For labe in round shape, we have label with diameter 17, 27, 40 and 116 mm.

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RFID ISO card is offered in plain PVC card.  Punching hole and card printing service including offset, silk screen, personalizing are available.




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Tag Master Combi tag is a combination between long range and proximity RFID.  There are variety choices of proximity RFID to be embedded into the tag including iClass, EM and Mifare.  Each tag has pre-programmed 8 digit unique identify code.  Additionally, it has 32 bit checksum in order to ensure the security.  The tag is battery powered to perform long range ability which has predictable 5-6 years life time independently to the number of reads.

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One Time Used Wrist Band
Silicone Wrist Band
Nylon Wrist Band
Velcro Wrist Band

Bracelet Wrist Band

We provides various types of wrist bands covering one-time-used wrist band and reusable wrist bands.  For reusable wrist bands, there are those wrist band that can adjustable the length and those whose length are not adjustable.  All of our wrist band supports RFID HF (13.56 Mhz), ISO 14443 A/B standard.



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FEIG ID MAX 50.10 –xE standalone reader is complete and independently-working for 9,000 users.  It can check access permissions in offline mode.

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FEIG IDCPR 50.10- E is a HF reader which has ethernet interface according to 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX standard.  This makes it easy for integration with an existing LAN environment.

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OMNIKEY 5321 CR reader is an ideal choice for applications with the high demands of hygiene, clean environment and germ free environments such as production process, hospitals or etc.

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OMNIKEY 5321 reader can support multiples HF standards including ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 and iClass.


Using contactless smart card technology for PC-linked through USB interface, the reader allows users to experience the convenience, speed and security of contactless technology for applicaitons including logon network, web sites and applicaitons for the secure storeage of user names, passwords and persoal information


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Many of service organizations are now using mobile devices for dispatch and collecting some service information, RFID technology offers a superior benefit over manual data entry or bar code technology.    Traditionally there is no control on field service operation. It is impossible to ensure that your staff go to the right stores/sites and how often your sale staff makes visit to each store/site. Realising on the above constrain

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One of the key components in managing any trade conferences, trade-show, or sporting events,  is processing and managing secure entry of potentially thousands of people.  How to handle admission to events can be an enormous job.  Identify has utilized RFID technology to enhance conference operation.  Our solution will facilitate the registration process and ensure that attendees have entered the right session.  In addition, exhibitors will be able to know the detail of each visitor without asking for business name card and  they can use this information for further analysis.  With RFID technology, it moves the task on event access management to the next level.  It gives the organizer the ability to uniquely identify each attendee or paying customer. An RFID pass can be read from a distance without line of sight.  RFID passes can not be forged or duplicated.

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