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RFID Mobile Work Forces

Many of service organizations are now using mobile devices for dispatch and collecting some service information, RFID technology offers a superior benefit over manual data entry or bar code technology.    Traditionally there is no control on field service operation. It is impossible to ensure that your staff go to the right stores/sites and how often your sale staff makes visit to each store/site. Realising on the above constrain

Identify has developed a solution to increase the efficiency on field service operation.  With our approach, you not only ensure the operation of the staff, but also increase the efficiency of your operation by turning the operation into paper-less management.

Ensure accuracy : With the unique ID capacity of RFID tag, you can ensure that your staff ACTUALLY goes to the assigned site.  
Paper-less operation : Avoid traditional data entry operation at the end of each day.  Using our solution, all data turns to be electronic file. 
Durability: RFID tags can be read when dusty or dirty and in almost any environmental condition
On-site storage memory: Some RFID tags also have additional memory capacity making them ideal for the field worker industries to store maintenance and repair histories.
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