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RFID Seminar Solution

One of the key components in managing any trade conferences, trade-show, or sporting events,  is processing and managing secure entry of potentially thousands of people.  How to handle admission to events can be an enormous job.  Identify has utilized RFID technology to enhance conference operation.  Our solution will facilitate the registration process and ensure that attendees have entered the right session.  In addition, exhibitors will be able to know the detail of each visitor without asking for business name card and  they can use this information for further analysis.  With RFID technology, it moves the task on event access management to the next level.  It gives the organizer the ability to uniquely identify each attendee or paying customer. An RFID pass can be read from a distance without line of sight.  RFID passes can not be forged or duplicated.


- Reducing process time without wasting time on scanning bar code which will facilitate VIP access and restricted area access.

- Security because RFID card has unique IC which is impossible for duplication and reducing the chance of fraud.

- Reduce operating costs with unmanned control

- RFID offers greater data-collection capabilities than other ticketing systems :

  • In depth data for event organizer for future planning
  • Optimizing session around interest
  • Optimizing demand of attendee.
  • Can extrapolate visitor’s product and training interest based on his/her session.
  • Facilitate day-to-day conference management

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