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RFID Trailer Tracking

Trailer is widely used in transportation. For the loaded one can generate revenue, while idle or empty trailers does not. To fully maximize the utilization of each trailer, an efficient tracking technology is required. GPS can be a good answer when there is power supply. However, in real life trailer does not always connect with power supply. This can directly impact the tracking ability. Realising on the limitation of the existing technology, Identify has made used of RFID technology to increase the efficiency of trailer tracking. With our solution, the tracking process can be done automatically.


- Increase trailer visibility. System will be able to notify the availability of trailers that are located in the yard or those not in the yard (in used). Any idle trailers can be informed in order to reduce tractor-to-trailer ratio.

- Trailer security : any unauthorized usage can be informed in advance.

- Paperless operation : All information is recorded in electronic format which will reduce human error and speed up the operation.

- Improve risk management and can contribute to lower insurance costs

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