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RFID Marathon Timing Solution (RFID จับเวลาวิ่งมาราธอน) Featured

With our solution using disposal RFID tag so runners do not need to worry about returning tag or tag loss fees. Race organizer also saves time and resource on tag collection process after event.

All system is connected to one single data base.  The system automates the record of starting and arrival time of individual runner.   This will facilitate the runner to get real time result after the running.  Besides overall score, an individual runner can view his own score by simply having his tag read by the reader on site.   Additionally, the result can be viewed by smart phone or any mobile devices. 

Optionally, the solution also offers automatic check point stamping.  Manual check point recording can be completely eliminated.   The additional reader can be set up at the designed check point.  When the runner passes it, the system will automatically stamp this and record stamping time for further analysis.    


  • Disposable RFID tag
  • Eliminate tag collection process
  • No tag lost fee
  • Additional marketing space on tag for running sponsors
  • On-site results of each runner
  • Live result
  • Real time on-line result 
  • Automatic check point verification

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